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Monday, November 2, 2015

Columbus Division of Fire: Keeping up the Pace

I would like to take a moment and commend my hometown Fire Department, The Columbus Division of Fire, for taking the first steps to improve their operational strategies to meet their ever increasing call volume and the changing nature of their emergency responses.  

At the same time, here are a few suggestions of other potential enhancements:

1) End the practice of assigning a Rescue on every motor vehicle accident unless it is on a limited access highway or there are reports of entrapment. 

2) Introduce the CAD designation of Heavy Rescue, reserving the designation of "Rescue" for rescue/engine combinations. For fires, given the need to ensure engine arrival in a timely manner, Rescues shall be used as engines unless no heavy Rescues are available.  For example, a fire assignment at Polaris Mall would be:  Engine-33; Rescue-111, Rescue-101, Ladder-33, Ladder-111, Heavy Rescue-11, Medic-33, Battalion-2. 

3) Dispatch assignments should take into account the status of a unit and if an additional dispatch is required. (Until a regionlal CAD link is established like what is used in the Washington DC Metro). 
This would ensure improved response times and reduce reliance on Mutual Aid. 

4) Medic units in outlying areas should be provided an EMT driver so they can respond by themselves to all runs expect MVAs and Cardiac Arrests. This will ensure that ALS engines remain available in areas where response times for second runs are lengthy. 

More to come later...

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