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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Columbus Division of Fire...Continued

New Firehouses (and more...)

It is simply not possible to expect the CFD to be able to serve over 800,000 people and manage nearly 200,000 responses with their current level of resources.   There will have to be new firehouses constructed in the coming years. In addition, some older firehouses will need to be rebuilt where they currently stand or relocated to provide better coverage.  There is also the opportunity to enhance service and save taxpayers money through  new cooperation between CFD and surrounding departments. 

Additional Stations:
New Station 35: On Waggoner Road, North of East Broad Street
New Station 36: Near Hamilton Road and Harlem Road
New Station 37: Near Sullivant Avenue & Galloway Road
New Station 38: Near Frank Road & Hardy Parkway
New Station 39: Near Marion-Franklin High School
New Station 40: Near Winchester Pike and Brice Road
New Station 41: Near Morse Road & Stelzer Road* (see Station 28 relocation below)

Potential  Stations depending on development & other factors
New Station 42:  Polaris North
New Station 43:  Hayden Run West
New Station 44:  Olentangy/Henderson
New Station 45:  Scioto Downs/Rickenbacker
New Station 46:  Trabue Road& Wilson Road

Stations to Rebuild & Relocate:
Station-12: Relocate to new/larger new facility west of current location (Sullivant Ave & Wilson Rd)
Station-13:  Rebuild onsite into larger firehouse (2 story, small footprint, 3-4 bays)  
Station-23:  Rebuild onsite into larger firehouse (2 story, small footprint, 3-4 bays)
Station-24:  Rebuild onsite into larger firehouse (2 story, small footprint, 3-4 bays)
Station 28: Move to Agler Rd & Cassady Avenue to improve coverage and build new Station-41 near Morse Rd & Stelzer Rd to improve coverage in Morse/Hamilton corridor and far northeast

In The  Meantime...
Until new stations are online, the EMS resources that would operate from new stations can be placed in service from nearby township/non-CFD stations, or in certain cases existing CFD Stations that are either very busy or very remote. This would immediately ease the burden on automatic aid partners.  This returns a previous effort that permitted new companies to be placed in service at nearby stations prior to the physical construction of a new firehouse.  (Engine16Awhich became Engine-24 for example)

Potential Placements:
Medic-35 at Station-141
Medic-36 at Station-133 or 121
Medic-37 at Station-241
Medic-38 at Station-193
Medic-39 at Station-171
Medic-40 at Station-162
Medic-41 at Station-134
Medic-42 at Station-33

Enhanced Cooperation
A related issue would be exploring enhanced cooperation between CFD and surrounding departments, especially those who are dispatched by CFD and surrounded by Columbus.  Perhaps it would make economic sense to build a new firehouse for 12s that is large enough to support Franklin Township as well.  A similar effort may be beneficial to Clinton Township with Station-24 or Mifflin Township for Station-132 and a new CFD station in the Agler/Cassady area.  Such arrangements make economic sense and have the potential to improve response times.  They also would save the township departments the significant expense of building replacement firehouses.

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