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Welcome to my site and thank you for reading. After many times thinking, if only I had a blog, well-- here we are. This blog will feature writings on a variety of topics from roadside food, to leadership in the fire service; politics; culture- gay, straight, and indifferent, my experiences in Ohio, New York and beyond; and much much more. It's my hope that you will find it interesting and that it stirs at least some thought and discussion. I am certain you wont always agree, but that is what its all about right? Oh and one more thing: The views expressed on this site are entirely my own. They do not reflect in anyway the views or positions of my employer.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Poem for Sunday

Sweet Dreams

I write this poem in darkness
And tap the keys so slightly 
As to not disturb your awkward sleep
I take care not to slide the chair
In that way that makes the awful creek
I know how the bad dreams come
From the noises in the other room
And the worry that I am writing something
That you may not like---
Or worse yet, that may not like you.
Its funny, how lying there—even in sleep
You worry so much about my words
Never knowing how much effort I take
To ensure they cause you no pain.
In Sleep or in wake.

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