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Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday's Poem

June 26, 2008
 by: Christopher Blake Carver 

It was the greatest gift I gave
The sacrifice that I didn’t pause to make.
It was never a question of if
            But how much
Never a question of when
            But how often
Never did I batter you with the word no
Never did I force you to bear
            A single unwanted, undesired moment
There was no burden of yours that I did not happily carry
No cut that I did not make every effort to heal
I followed behind, walked in front, and paced alongside
Protecting, providing, reducing and easing.
At each and every dimmed moment
            I cast my light with every bit of energy I could summon.
After all the weight of you I chose to carry,
A weight you so happily transferred,
Is it any wonder, that in this solitary night,
When your head finds a different place to lie
I feel no emotion as strongly
            As exhaustion

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