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Friday, August 24, 2012

Back from the Gloom

Funny how sometimes things that you don't expect can lead you to a place you didn't know you were missing.  I was feeling a little lost again, wondering what it was I should be doing.  Last week I made my way to place where the answers seemed tofind me.  Minnesota.  Of all places.  I guess I should have known that there was a reason Prairie Home Companion and Target (two of my principle addictions) are headquartered in that state.  Why I had never been, I will never really know.  But I went.  Quality time was spent with people who are like me.  Who care about others and their careers-- who want to learn- to grow- and get better. 

Like the girl in the bee costume from the blind melon video I found my home.  Not so much because of the details of my public safety career, or even the careers of those I had met.  The home was found in people who you are friends with in the first moment you meet more so than you will be with an acquaintance in a thousand years (to paraphrase Richard Bach).  Home was found in opening up my heart and mind to new experiences and realizing that I have a long way to go.  In a way, for me at least, its reassuring to realize that the path is long.  That it will involve so many.  Growing and sharing and learning from each other. 

I suppose the best indication that it was a good time-- a needed time-- was that I returned to the place called PSAC with a smile on my face, a brisk step, and was not phased by the inevitable dramas.  Even the critiques of my writing, the insolence of those that do not care-- even those normally effective attempts to pry up the track did not work. I blazed over the gaps in the system and the reality and in the place I must be for a bit longer, certain that I know I am going strong, even if I may not know exactly where. 

My minister, and C.S. Lewis, and Richard Bach, and John Steinbeck, and my mother, and many other great philosopher souls I have encountered long proclaimed that out most important task is to be confident in ourselves- in our place at God's table- and our role we have to play in this long sweet mystery opera.  For some reason, in a few short days and some classes and in a few beers, a few more glasses of wine, I found that pace in a way I have rarely known.  What a joy and a gift and an honor. 

And what a mission I have to live.

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