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Monday, December 31, 2012

What would my life look like if there were no boundaries on my success, on my potential, on my dreams?

[This year’s version of New Year’s Resolutions…]

·         I would own my own home.  Two stories, with a porch, a kitchen I could enjoy cooking in and space enough to have friends and family over and enjoy a holiday or just a random Sunday afternoon.

·         I would improve my physical health: 160 pounds; better numbers—and regular physical exercise.

·         I would have a dog or two, probably miniature schnauzers.

·         I would have gone back to get either my 2nd Masters or my PhD and be teaching on the side.  Perhaps social studies in a community college; or courses related to Public Safety Leadership.  Part of this would involve speaking at conferences and other events—sharing the experiences that I have had so far in my life and hopefully opening some hearts and minds in the process. 

·         I would have more interaction with friends and family—my community would be less individualistic, and, well, more of a community.  This includes finding a church were not only do I feel welcomed and inspired—but where the leaders of the church know me—and I can have a more significant impact on the church and its community. 

·         I would volunteer more of my time to help those in need, in whatever way I might be able.

·         I would pay off all of my debt to permit me greater freedom to travel; invest; and increase my financial security—as well as to be able to donate more. 

·         I would develop a relationship with someone who will value me for me—and I for them. Someone who can communicate, who isn’t afraid, and who supports my growth while allowing me to support theirs.  I don’t want someone I have to be careful what I say to—but rather someone to be honest with, in every since of the word.  A person I find attractive in every way—and who will make me better by knowing them.

·         I would use my God-Given talents more:  More writing; more photography; doing voice overs; serving as a volunteer counselor—sharing of myself those parts of me that are meant to be shared. 

·         I would be the director of a small or medium sized 911 Center; an EMA Director; or Public Safety Director.  The key is to work in place where I can put into practice what I have learned from education and experience—and I would be able to empower those I work with to do great things. 

·         And I would stop being afraid that these things will not come to pass.  I would let go of the doubt that sometimes creeps in on those dark and lonely nights when its seems as though everything is always such a battle such a struggle.  In those places—instead of clinging—I would learn to just let go.  To let things work out the way they always do—for the best. 

·         I would know faith.

 The simple question I must ask of every action I take in the New Year: 
 Does what I am doing bring me closer to the life I have just described—or further away. 

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