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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Community Approach

While attending Palm Sunday services today at the Riverside Church here in New York, The Rev. Robert Coleman's sermon on the meaning of Christ's Journey and whom he chose to make that journey with reminded me of a simple truth that links nicely to my love of Urban Geography and one of my favorite things about living in New York, or in any community where a person takes the time to make the effort to be a part of that community.

here is a question for you: How many places can you go where people know you are and where they are glad to see you?  How many places can you walk in, in person!, and be greeted by name and, more often than not, with a smile. 

Are there places in your community where, if you do not show up for awhile, you are missed, and a comment is made on your return.  I would suggest that the more of these kinds of places you have, the more you make a positive imprint on your community.  This list should go beyond work.  How about your diner, or the regular stores you shop in?  Your favorite Italian Restaurant; the Bank; Church if you attend; or a local bar. 

Whatever those places are, perhaps they serve as a barometer of the way we present ourselves to the small worlds around us.  And, perhaps, they serve as an easy place to start on a mission of having more genuine interactions with the world around us.  It can begin for anyone-- in any community or place-- as a simple effort to "Be The Blessing".  So many of us complain about the impersonalization of modern society, maybe we can do more to change that than we ever thought possible.

and, if it makes you feel any better, you can check in from the neighborhood diner on Facebook while you are having your coffee.  Just be sure to make contact with the real world, as well as the virtual-- it will help make things better for you and all of us as well. 

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