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Sunday, October 20, 2013

A brief mini-rant about EMS Delivery Models

I understand the need for two tier EMS systems. Especially in larger cites it makes sense having a BLS/ALS mix: IF you have an effective dispatching operation to go along with it.  By effective I mean upwards of 95% accurate in call-typing.  It also helps to have first-responder fire units with BLS capability at a minimum and ALS capability in areas where response times can be lengthy.  However, what I can not grasp are the EMS systems that still send two ALS ambulances on ALS Calls. These agencies seem to have challenges grasping the resource management component of EMS response. If its an extra set of hands you need- send along an Engine or Rescue on non-emergency. If its critical ALS then send that Supression unit on emergency.  But why waste your second ambulance on the same call? Just my $.02....

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