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Sunday, October 5, 2014

I really just need to stop...

So now the Koch brothers want to destroy Public Transit.  Violence in New York City is totally out of control.  Islamist hordes are waiting to wade ashore on Long Island and kill us all, if Ebola doesn't do it first.  The Supreme Court is destroying whatever scraps of American civilization that will survive the plague and the only way we can survive it all is if we arm ourselves to the teeth with firearms; give money to the ASPCA; and scan children's candy for poison and razor blades come Halloween time.
Whew.  And that was just today.  Is it any wonder in this sensationalized world of media; ADHD; panic; and ignorance that we are overcome by fear.  If this one is elected-- if that one has the right to marry-- if we don't seal the borders- If this one thing happens the world as we know it will simply cease to exist right there in cloud of dust. 

I wonder what they thought on December 8, 1941.  The word had changed in an instant.  The march of Hitler's troops; and Japan's and Italy's had been nearly untapped for four years.  So many nations had fallen by then-- so many terrible images, but not really an American Tragedy. At least not for the masses.  Until that morning after.  That infamy day when FDR would speak to the Nation and our part of WWII would come fully to form. 

The American public was faced then by a real crisis.  They saw into and wrapped themselves around real fear.  And they reacted with honor and purpose.  They came together to defeat the threat.  We always do that in the face of a real foe.  This country, some may say, is at its best when we have to unite to face a problem.  I have seen it here in NYC- during the Blackout; After Superstore Sandy, and on a September 12th thirteen short years ago. 

Maybe those that now try to find their choice of boogeyman in every single situation and event that happens every single day are trying to find that thing to unite us.  Or maybe at least unite us enough to spend money; or give generously to some cause. But I fear it is not with any real purpose other than to react to the prodding fears (or moneyed interests) that call out the latest threat.  It is hard to know the difference for some.  Too many, in fact, do not take the time to look at what are real threats-- and what are just underhanded grasps for more-- more money, more power, more influence; more... more... more. So they buy in.  Not just with their dollars- but with their passion.  And they post on Facebook and they scan the streets for illegals and they finally pick up their dusty bible to use one small part to justify hatred of a few.  They see in everyone they meet the difference. Not the similarities.  And they buy into everything they are told and that they hear but they shut off all available resources to listen or to learn or to understand. 

In this shrill time and in in this even more shrill nation, there are things to be afraid of.  But, for me, it is the question of what kind of world altering event will have to happen to shake people out of this phase.  A God-given slap to mankind.  A message that gets them to stop screaming-- stop worrying about how best to make their money at the expense of other people.  History has done this before.  A Tsunami wasn't enough.  Global Warming isn't enough.  Wars are not enough.  What will it take for us to really arise to the challenge of being a human race, of one people.  That is what I am afraid of.  I guess we shall see.

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