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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Blue!

It has finally happened.  I am now officially a New Yorker.  It took nearly 12 years, but at long last it has occurred.  How do I know?  Sit down.. take a breath.... I was far more excited about the Giants winning the Super Bowl than anything the Ohio State Buckeyes have done over the last few years. 

Maybe it was the way every player talked about the team spirit of the organization-- the love they have for each other, or the mature and common sense approach of Tom Coughlin.  Perhaps it was the way they were counted out, only to be reborn.  Or maybe it was Brandon Jacobs, shortly after the win, stating that this win means the dynasty of the New England Patriots has been... "Decapitated"...

Welcome to New York City.  Land of hopes, dreams, and decapitation.  I have to say I love it. 

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