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Monday, June 11, 2012

Airshow Season Begins!

Happy Monday.  Wanted to share, for those who might be looking for something to do this coming weekend, and for those who have their passports, the 2012 Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Airshow is this weekend.  I am scheduled to attend (with David) after a few days exploring in Toronto and before a stop at Niagara Falls on Saturday Evening.

Sadly, the B-24 scheduled to fly at the show suffered a nose-gear collapse in CLT a couple of weeks ago, but, otherwise, it looks like a an amazing show-- full of flying WWI, WWII, and post WWII aircraft.  Last year's show was beyond impressive (The B17 and Lancaster shots above are from the 2011 Show)

I will be posting photos from the show in the next couple of weeks.  Till then, please feel free to visit My Online Photos

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