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Monday, June 25, 2012

Back from Florida

Here are a few sights from my family visit in Florida.  Irony alert one: agreeing to take the convertible upgrade when the only sun seen on the trip was at the point of return back to Tampa International for departure.  Irony alert two: going to the applebee's across from my hotel and watching a newly minted teacher sitting at the bar get ossified to the point of tying his necktie around his head while watching the coverage of the Sandusky Verdict and getting quite irate about how people treat kids nowadays, role models, etc. 

Thankfully, any and all irony was more than matched by the joy of spending time with my family.  From scallop eating Lottie (still hanging on, approaching her 15th birthday) to celebrating my Dad's upcoming birthday, to hanging out with the still new Emma and getting to play the role of spoiling (and non-diaper changing uncle).  Good times all around!

Surf Crashing over the Venice Jetty During Tropical Storm Debby

Emma, Not yet tired of the photos.

My Dad and his granddaughter-- having a conversation

Scenes from the photo shoot-- Emma tries to make her escape!

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