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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Thanksgiving List

Being adopted; my family; my upbringing in a quintessential american suburb; the freedom that my parents gave me to learn about myself, grow, explore, and make decisions; the trips we made as a family- from roadtrips to vacations; airplanes; the fire service; MCL Cafeteria; The Shake Shoppe; Resch's Bakery; Friendlys; Indian Mound Smorgasboard; the surprise airshow when I was about 10; the teachers- Mrs Derr, Mrs Koslowski; Mrs Davis; Mr Anglim; Ms George; Dr Cox, and so many others; my crazy time at USF; Ritz Camera; The Ohio State University; The Dublin Ohio Police Department; The Truro Township Fire Department; the FDNY; CineMad Media; the first guy I dated; Axis; The Eagle; No Attitude; AWOL; the shamrock;  the Thurman Cafe; Stans; Heath Rowland; The Alumni Club; Box 15; COFBA; The All-Ohio Scanner Club; Cord Camera; Revco; Paul Tibbets; Mike Boucher; Eugene Naylor; Edna Marie Ceglia; Mike Esposito; Howie Hemsley; Mike Fox; Deidre Evans; Amanda Torissi; Valdo; Viktor; Carla Murphy; Anapoli; three jolly pigeons; Manny; Callum; ron & eric; julie & patrick; Alex; APCO; NENA; jacksonville state university; john Porcelli; henry dingman; jerry neville; excelsior; jack; gingers; Old town bar & grill; blue smoke; new years eve in times square; chris c; planeview park; the mounds; the Met; the New York Historical Society; Riverside Church; Rev Stephen Phelps;Lisa & Eva; Stacia; Stacey; Toms Restaurant; Toms Diner; the Shenandoah Valley; Roanoke; Key West; London; Provincetown; Maine; Savannah; Charleston; movies; documentaries; are you being served... My boyfriend Chris. 
And...Jack, Shirley,Holly, Matt, Emma, and Hannah (my family of birth). 

I would like to give a special shout out to the family I have picked up along the way: Natalie K.R.; Johann (& Jen) K.; Jennifer S.; Chris M, Chris M, Ed W.; Josh M, Doug V.; Eric G.; Tom O.;  Joe P; Allen D; Keith T & Erin; Todd P; Sheila HW; Melissa P; Sandra C; Marylou A; Deirdre E; Teresa M; Josh D, Brianna, Jim H; Brian; Crystal A; Cheryl C; ; Jenny H; Dana V; Michelle; Brian R; Courtney; Brian W,; Jamison; Mark R; Jay R; Kevin R; Michael S; Ryan S;  Zachary S;  Steven S; Yolanda W; Lisa F; Anna S; Rachel S,; Kevin M; Kimberly M; Ty W & Keri; Ashley H; Blake G; and Jeanne W.  I know I missed a couple, please dont be offended. But you should all know (named and unnamed) that when I start to question my choices or worry about the paths I have chosen and the decisions I have made, I always come back to this beautiful tapestry.  The story that has been my life and the amazing people who have helped me to create it.  There are many who have not been so blessed. But at every moment I have.  From a kindly stranger on a plane to a lifelong friend met in a firehouse or while taking photos of airplanes.  The people I have met have been amazing, beautiful, and a greater gift than any I could give to the world. Thank you all for being a part of this crazy adventure. I could not have done it without you. 
 Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless You all!

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