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Monday, July 31, 2017

What Future Shall You Have?

It is perhaps the most important question you will ever ask yourself.  What future do you want?  Do you limit the possible answers to that question will all of the things you call reasons or certainty?  I don't have the money.  No one will let me. They will think it is stupid.  I could never. 

Do you allow the window of the possible to be tightly closed by your expectations or someone else's permissions?  Do you say no before anyone else has the chance to say yes?  Before the world has the opportunity to make your dreams come true? 

There are many benefits to traveling, to exploring, and to looking upon wonders with eyes of awe.  When you open your eyes to see, you open your heart and your mind to what is there for the taking.  All if it. Sometimes you do not even know it was there in the first place. That is a mystery I have known on my greatest days.   

I am grateful for the life that I have lived.  For the times I have been granted an amazing view of a place, a person, or myself. When I knew that there was something bigger, bolder, and greater than I imagined before.  

That knowing means your choices must be different. it creates a responsibility.  I may not squander the possible.  I may not discard the gift. I do not know how much time remains, no one really does.  But once you have felt the silent autumn mist along the Shenandoah, once you have heard the voice of God whisper in your ears, once you have stirred the laugh of a child, once you have caught the smile of someone who thought hope and joy were forever absent, then you have an obligation.  You have a contract to live your life the way it was intended to be.  You know when you are doing it.  It feels like home.  You know when you are not.  It feels like death. 

That is a very easy choice now isn't it? 

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